About Us

LNG Design is a collection of dynamic and savy creative thinkers. Inspired by our hometown Vancouver, we solve design problems that have a global reach.

Our Process

01. Briefing

Good design can have a huge influence on the success of a company's marketing strategy - but in order for success to be ensured, clear goals must be set. We implement a simple process designed to outline and strategize the key goals and objectives. We conduct research to explore these problems so we can use design to solve them.

02. Research

We are experts in helping you understand what your customers want, when they want it and how to package it for them. Research includes many aspects creative and analytical. Our goal is to answer the who, what, where and how then explain it all back to you in a way that makes sense. The quality of our expertise is instrumental.

03. Design Development

Once the goals and outcomes and understood we describe our analysis in practical, product terms. Our process at this phase includes the client to ensure that attributes, specifications and expectations are clearly determined.

04. Production

The final phase, all systems go! The project starts to take shape and becomes a visual tangible thing. We may produce physical results that involve packaging and printing or we may create visual content to enjoy digitally. Production is the last phase where we see our energy come to fruition.